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Aix en Provence

Aix’s many attractions need no introduction... but we often forget to mention what a great place it is for families...

Natural History Museum
Natural History Museum
Amongst the things to see in this museum are an archaeological excavation (or «dig»), dinosaurs as they appeared when they used to live in the area surrounding what is now Aix and a room full of pre...
Camping Chanteclerc   camping
Camping Chanteclerc
2.5 km from the town centre. One minute you’re in the middle of town, the next you’re surrounded by 20 acres of peace and quiet! It’s got everything: tent pitches, chalets and mobile homes. Cots...
Papilles by Laurane  Aix en Provence
Papilles by Laurane
This restaurant is a place to relax and taste the gastronomy of the South based on the concept of society's new eating habits. Really nice place for children : good food, toys and books they can play with, sweets, ... Open monday to friday, from 8am to 7.30 pm (except on friday, open until 10pm).
 The provence shop  Aix en Provence
The provence shop
Unfortunately the Provence shop doesn't exist any more. Il has closed.Nice playroom for the kids and nice menus for the parents ! A good cosmopolite address in Aix : homemade food, magazine and comics to read, playroom for the kids, high chair. A nice place to be !
Fountains  Aix en Provence
Lots of fountains, that can become your resting places as you explore the town: les Quatre Dauphins (the Four Dolphins), la Rotonde (the Rotunda), les Neufs Canons (the Nine Canons), la fontaine d'Albertas....

The statues of the Virgin Mary  Aix en Provence
The statues of the Virgin Mary
Don’t forget to look up as you stroll around the town: many houses have statues of the Virgin Mary in a corner of the wall.

  Aix en Provence
Children’s carnival: Children’s street parade


March-April  Aix en Provence
Comic strip festival: three weeks when the festival comes to all the tourist spots and arts centres in the town – meetings with authors and illustrators, exhibitions etc.


Children’s bookshop
"Oh les Papilles" has all sorts of children’s books. 25 rue des Cordeliers, Aix, telephone:

Bike hire
Aixprit Vélo: bike hire, sales and repairs within a 20km radius of Aix. Aix prit has road bikes and mountain bikes, baby seats, bikes with training wheels, bike carriers and of course helmets. Broken you bike? Call Aixprit Vélo and they’ll come and fetch it, mend it and bring it back again. 17 rue constantin à Aix

Tourist Office
Everything you could want to know about tourism and cultural events in Aix.300 avenue Giuseppe Verdi. Tel : Open from 9am to 7pm daily.